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Sam Battalio

Junior Computer Science Major at the University of Notre Dame

Golang IRC Client

This summer I got the opportunity to be able to work on an open source project “aws-nuke” ((link)[]). This was the push I needed to start learning and falling in love with Golang. From the walrus operator to goroutines, I have loved every second of learning this language.

As an avid IRC user (IRC is kinda dead, but Notre Dame has an active IRC community) I knew one of my first solo projects with Golang should be a client.


I decided to utilize the library (go-cui)[] to handle the gui, as it would abstract a level of difficulty. I decided to go with a terminal ui because I really appreciate the aesthetic of console applications.


I had a lot of growing pains switching from a summer of python at my internship to working in Golang.

I learned a lot about structs and better ways to arrange Go code.

Source code

This is still slightly WIP, but here is the repo!

Here is the repo!